The UpCycle Project and PARAISO partnered to create a national design student challenge with the goal to raise awareness on sustainability by UpCycling dead stock fabrics from international swimwear and activewear designers.

The competition invites design students to create two pieces from donated dead-stock fabrics, for the opportunity to present at PARAISO, win designer mentorships and a trip to Miami.

The Application process consists of three rounds and only five students will make the third round to determine the winner.

Application open only to registered students. Must be 18 years or older to enter.

The Upcycle Challenge is now closed! Finalists to be announced soon. Stay tuned!"

APPLICATION: Round 1 (May 1 – May 15)

All participating students must follow us on Instagram @paraisomiamibeach and  @theupcycleproject. Apply by submitting their application along with two proposed swimwear sketches by May 15, 2019. First round selection will be determined by a winning sketch of the proposed design.

SELECTION: Round 2 (May 15 – July 1)

Only five students will make it to round two. The five finalist students will work with swimwear designers to create two samples to be showcased at Paraiso. Students must provide a digital process book containing sketches for the design, inspirational imagery, a description of the woman/man they are designing for, and answer the question:

Why it is important to use the upcycled materials in fashion?

WINNERS: Round 3 (July 11-14)

The five finalist students will have the opportunity to go to Miami and have their two samples showcased at PARAISO, where the final winner will be announced.